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Onexxa hires only the most outstanding staff members as a matter of principle to ensuring the best possible success for our customers. All of our staff are not only book qualified but have actual real-world experience in the conduct of competitive business analysis and strategies.
Yup!!!! We do. Which means if you need Virtual Assistant Services we also have this option, although we do have the technological means to allow you the customer to completely control your business without the need to hire a huge staff compliment.
We work within the budget YOU present to US. As with any business revamp, you get what you put in, however we can guarantee you that whatever you put in with us WILL be beneficial to you and your business.
If you have to ask this question then the answer is yes. The number one weakness with most companies especially in North America is that they do not know how liable they are and they have compliance issues. We are here to to remove that weakness.
All business requirements are worked on AFTER an initial free consultation where we determine with you the client what is necessary for your business. It is important to remember we work within what YOUR budget allows. There are no high pressure sales tactics. If however you want a predetermined package you can look at out packages menu.
No client/customers means no revenue. We fully understand that. Which is why we have not only the means to analyse what your competitors are doing right and do it better, we also have an entire agency arm devoted toward driving traffic to your business using social media, video technologies and broad spectrum marketing techniques.
Let's put it this way. We would assist your kid to have the best lemonade stand on the block! No business is too small for us and there are no hidden charges or nasty fees that you would have encountered with other management organizations. With Onexxa what you see is actually what you get......and more of course.
Then you better act fast!! IF your business is not doing well then believe us when we tell you it CAN BE SAVED!! You have the choice to give up on your dream or to try again with some very serious people on your side. If you are experiencing competition from another business we would absolutely enjoy leveling the playing field for you. Don't think.....ACT!!!

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